Will Brave replace Google Chrome ?

Suraj Agarwal
2 min readApr 24, 2021
Usage share of Web-browsers

With more than 2.6 Billions active users, 60% of the internet marketplace runs on Chrome Browsers.

Chrome is followed by Safari and Firefox which bleakly shares 19% and 3.5% of the active users.

Interestingly, Chrome growth is directly proportional to Firefox’s demise. Although Chrome started eating into Internet explorer’s share, followed by Firefox. Internet Explorer, which was once World’s leading browser is about to shut down.

Chrome’s arrival led to exits in Explorer and Firefox

What’s brave bringing in for Firefox?

The most famous tagline to define a product-user relationship:

If the service is free, you are the product

So essentially, all these social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc provided their platforms for free, because they were earning billions of revenue by selling our attention to companies, advertising on these platforms.

Created by Mozilla and Firefox co-founder, Brendan Eich, Brave comes up with a new way of thinking how the web works. Brave comes up with a new range of features which might literally change the browser landscape.


Brave is faster than other browser because of its ability to detect and block ads that tracks user’s activity on the browser, which helps the content to load faster.


It is well known that Google stores user’s browsing data, so that it can come up with direct advertisements to its target users. But Brave ensures data privacy, by not capturing your digital footprint through your browsing history.

So next time, it you get an ad on YouTube, for the product you just visited on Amazon, don’t be shocked — it’s just Google.

Rewards for Attention — the most intriguing one

Brave values your attention — Brave pays its native in-built token — Basic Action Token (BAT) to every user, every time you choose to watch Brave’s ad.

Unlike Chrome’s pop-up and click-baity, the user gets to control every aspect of Brave’s ad. The user will receive 70% of the ad revenue in the form of Tokens that Brave receives from its advertisers.

Users can encash or contribute this token to your favorite websites or content creators.

To conclude

If this article has made you tat-bit curious — start now!

Start with getting paid for what you gave away free of cost — your attention!

Start with shooing away those irritating ads, with invisible cross button!

Start with Brave.